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The mission of the Botelle Library Media Center program is to "enable students to become independent, information literate, life-long learners." To achieve this mission, the center embraces a hybrid/flexible scheduling philosophy.


This means that students in the Early Primary (PreK, K)  and Primary (1,2) have scheduled library periods in which they learn how to use the library and how to make good book choices. Students in grades 3-6 continue to use the Library Media Center to exchange books, receive guidance in selecting appropriate materials and use library resources, but do not have assigned library periods. Computer instruction is integrated into classroom curriculum and  students use  iPads, and Chromebooks to access various digital tools and resources when researching. This philosophy promotes recreational reading, encourages mastery of technological resources and provides research experiences for 21st century learners.


Flexible scheduling means that the LMC is used according to need. It reinforces the collaborative work of teachers and the media specialist to teach information literacy skills and technology literacy skills which are embedded into curriculum content.  Students develop digital citizenship while learning to consume and create content as students gain understanding of how technology impacts their lives, learning, and future. Additionally, our MakerSpace Lab provides our students with  opportunities to embrace science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematic concepts as they collaborate to design and create STEAM projects and complete activities.

Current Library Program at Botelle School


The Big 6 Research Model is used for inquiry based research.


Policies and Book Exchange Information


User Names and Passwords

Recommended Web Sites



Wakelet is a robust curation and storytelling tool, offering educators and their students a multitude of possible uses Links, images, notes, titles, PDFs, YouTube and Vimeo videos, Tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts, Google or Dropbox Documents, Soundcloud tracks, Spotify playlists, Google Maps, Flipgrid responses, Screencastify recordings and more can be added to user created “collection”s via browser extension, dashboard or directly from synced applications. Users can edit, embed, change privacy settings, customize the appearance, and invite contributors to add to their collections. Wakelet may be used to create newsletters and playlists, collect learning experience resources, present research artifacts or create an annotated bibliography- it’s potential is endless!




Empatico is a free tool connecting classrooms around the world through live video exchanges and activities designed to spark empathy, curiosity, and kindness. A three step approach of prepare, interact, and reflect encourages deeper learning, meaningful connections, and helps students practice social skills such as respectful communication, perspective taking, cooperation, and critical thinking, as they experience positive connections with peers around the world. 



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